What is Money Managed?

Money Managed is your very own virtual financial coach that guides you, step by step, to tackle big financial goals like getting out of debt fast, saving money, maintaining a realistic budget, and preparing for retirement. Money Managed analyzes your finances and creates detailed, personalized reports that show you how to improve your financial life, all without requiring any sensitive financial data from you. In just a few days, you will clearly understand how to overcome your financial problems, learn effective money management strategies, and begin to build good habits that will set you up for long-term financial success!

What Will You Get Out of Money Managed?

A plan to pay off your debts as quickly as possible, including how much to pay towards each individual debt every month until all are paid off
Identify how to save hundreds of dollars per month based on your actual budget
Build an optimized budget that will enable you to accomplish your financial goals fast
Learn the right next steps for your situation that will enable you to take control of your finances once and for all
Get a thorough understanding of the current state of your finances through detailed, personalized reports covering your debts, spending habits, savings, budget, and retirement
Get a roadmap for your retirement, including how much money you should save and how you can retire as early as possible
Develop good financial habits that will last for the rest of your life

The Money Managed Method is Tailor-Made for You!

Receive these 5 Personalized Reports

Money Managed Does Not Collect ANY Sensitvie Personal Information from You!


Meet Chris and Courtney Castillo. Chris has a background in Finance and Courtney in Education. Together, they created Money Managed to be your personal guide to help you take control of your finances.

Using the principles communicated in the Money Managed personalized reports, Chris and Courtney saved $1,500 per month by cutting out wasteful spending and another $2,000 per month by increasing their income. During their first 5 years of marriage, they managed to save more money than either of their parents had saved during their first 25 years of marriage - all without sacrificing the lifestyle they wanted to live!

Chris and Courtney are passionate about helping others solve their financial problems and stop stressing out about money. They created Money Managed to help you pinpoint your own unique financial problems, show you how to overcome them, and build good financial habits that pay dividends for the rest of your life!

About Us

We believe in Money Managed! If your personalized reports do not help you better manage your finances, we will refund your money!