Meet the Creators

Hi there! We are Chris and Courtney Castillo. We designed Money Managed to help you accomplish your financial goals faster than you ever though possible. Chris's background is accounting and finance and Courtney's is in education.

We have been married to each other for 8 years and discovered that marriage is a little more than a fairy tale story.

Kids. House. Food. Work. Church. Loans. Investing. Fun. They all have something in common: money.

We wanted to do a lot. We didn’t agree on what to prioritize. And everything required money. We needed balance .

We had to balance our nearly $40k in car and student loans. We were fresh out of college and both starting new careers at the bottom of the pay scale. We soon realized that we didn’t need more money. We just needed a budget.

During the next few years, we created a personalized budget for our family. We learned how to maximize the value of our money. We prioritized the things we each cared most about and said goodbye to the things that didn’t matter as much. And we discovered incredible methods for saving lots of money.

This helped us save an extra $1,500 per month!

Instead of focusing on what we couldn’t buy, we focused on what we could buy with the money we had. Most importantly, we learned how to buy the things we really wanted without feeling guilty.

In less than three years, we were able to save up enough money to pay off our loans AND make a down payment on our first house.

We have been thriving financially ever since. We upgraded to a nicer home and turned our first home into a rental property. We had our first child. We vacation about 4 weeks every year. We’ve saved up lots of money. And we never, ever worry about money.

You, too, can achieve financial freedom sooner than you think.

We understand that not everyone is naturally good with money and others face significant obstacles that hinder their financial success. But we believe that, with the right tools and the right approach to managing money, anyone can build healthy financial habits and live an enjoyable life free of financial stress.

Together we created this online program to help others accomplish their financial goals faster than they ever thought possible.

Money Managed provides the same personalized service of a personal finance coach but at a small fraction of the cost. We do a detailed analysis over your whole financial life and create easy to understand reports showing you exactly what you can do to take control of your money and begin to thrive financially. And we also have videos and exercises to help you learn and implement good financial habits that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

We did our best to make Money Managed simple and effective so people just like us can also experience financial freedom.